hand flares

Signaling Devices


LOCATOR-4 Red Signal Flares


U.S. Coast Guard Approved for day and night use

Weems & Plath Electronic Flare

SOS Distress Light with Day Signal Flag NEW


Revere See-Me MOB Strobe Light


Alerter Basic - 4 12 Gauge Launcher & Red Aerial Signal

Alerter Basic - 4 12 Gauge Launcher & Red Aerial Signal

Locator® Plus4 Marine Signal Kit

  • 4 Handheld Red Signal Flares
  • SOLAS Approved Safety Whistle with Lanyard
  • Distress Flag (USCG approved
  • Waterproof, Floatable Storage Case

Coastal Alerter Plus Kit

  • 12-Gauge Launcher - holds 6 flares
  • 6 12Gauge Red Airial Flares
  • 1 SOLAS Whistle w/lanyard
  • Signal Mirror w/lanyard
  • Neoprene Storage Case & it Floats!

SKYBLAZER II - 4 Aerial SIgnal Kit

Aert/Locate PLUS Signal Kit with First AId Kit

12 Gauge High Performance A/L Aerial, Handheld, Smoke, and First Aid Kit

  • 12-Gauge Corrosion Safety Launcher
  • 4 12-Gauge High Performance Red Aerial Signals
  • 4 Handheld Red Signal Flares
  • 2 Handheld Orange Smoke Signal
  • 1 General First Aid Medication & Wound Module
  • 1-International Orange Volare Foam Floating Bag

Weems & Plath Personal Rescue Strobe

Military grade construction

Weems & Plath CrewWatcher Crew2

App-based crew overboard alarm system

Weems & Plath CrewWatcher Crew1

App-based crew overboard alarm system

Replacement 12 ga Signal Shells 4 pack

4 Pak

Coastal Alert/Locate™ Signal kit

Orion Hand Flare - Each

Alert/Locate PLUS

NEW Alert/Locate PLUS 12 Gauge Launcher, Aerial, Handheld and Smoke Signaling Kit

Orion Safety Whistle with Lanyard 2 Pack

Orion Dye Marker 2 per package


Orion 6Green LightStick

Pocket Rocket Red Aerial Flares

Pocket Rocket Replacement Flares

Orion 12ga Gun Only

Orion Orange Smoke Flare (1)

USCG Approved International Distress Flag

Marine Signal Mirror